#AMDFW Featured Musician: Jacob Furr

We met Jacob Furr through Lindsay Hightower during our interview of Hightower.  We can’t thank her enough.  When you get to talk to Jacob you get the impression that this man would give you the shirt off his back for the asking.  He’s got a real ‘salt of the earth’ sense to him, but with a whimsical sense of humor.

As we spoke to him about his albums “Trails and Traces” and “Sierra Madre” he sat back in the couch at the back of the coffeehouse we met at (–I definitely drink too much coffee) and said, “I have canned story I used to tell, but I’m kind of tired of telling it… I’d rather people listen to the music and take the journey with me.”  That sentence really embodies Jacob, he’s more interested in the journey than the destination.  More interested in the experience than the results.

Jacob does want people to know that his albums are a compilation.  They are the embodiment of his story, his life journey.  He is certain it isn’t over yet, but doesn’t know where it’s going to take him.  He does believe that Sirens and Easy Waves are the introduction to the next step.  When I asked him what the next chapter is going to sound like he said, “Look the bearded white guy with a guitar has been done.” that may be the funniest truism for the year.  I’m sure we will see his style and art more developed but I’m also sure we will see it take a turn in an unexpected manner based on my talks with him.

What are your music influences?

One time for my birthday my mom bought me the first four albums from Johnny Cash – American.  She doesn’t listen to a whole lot of music so she went to the record store and the record store guy suggested them.  So she bought them all.  Later I was sitting around with my dad and we were listening to Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down”.  I had no idea it was a Petty song.  My dad just looked at me and said, “What is wrong with you?”.

What’s in the car now?:

  • Gregory Porter
  • Daniel Lanois


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Exclusive Takes

Jacob took the time to play a couple songs for us.  The first is Headlight which is on Sierra Madre and the second untitled song is brand new, just a part of the next chapter for Jacob.  We hope you enjoy them.




Falling Stars

Get To Know Jacob Furr

Please describe Jacob Furr music, musicians involved, genre’s, musical inspiration.

I play Folk Rock, I guess. Some folks try to call it Americana, but we are a little too modern sounding for that, but a little too classic sounding for Indie Rock.  Aaron Stanfield, Ryan Tharp, and Danny Stone all play with me.

Talk to me about the journey from Trails and Traces to Sierra Madre, what has changed in your life and in your music.  What got you to here?

So much has changed. Both records are about seismic shifts in a life and about recording the process of dealing with change.  Circumstances leading up to T&T have appeased and can now live in the real world.  See them as companion pieces … because they express a journey I was on.

Where is your hometown, and what interesting influences has your upbringing had on your music?

I grew up in Fort Worth. Actually, in Benbrook, a suburb of Fort Worth. I don’t think the location itself had much influence. I didn’t get the urge to write until I started driving around West Texas.

Do you methodically sit down and write music on a regular basis?

I used to. Now it seems the songs come in stages. It’s like seasonal songwriting.  The records come out all at once, Sierra Madre written from April to August 2015 and recorded in the Spring of 2016.  Songs and albums are records of periods in time.  The way songs come to you requires you remain open.

What is your favorite song that you have written and why?

I’m not sure. I’ve gotten to a point where I am very proud of all my songs and what they mean to me as markers of different times in my life.

What are three of your favorite venues in DFW?

Magnolia Motor Lounge, The Kessler, and The Grotto.

 Name two DFW bands or singer-songwriters we need to listen to?

Stefan Prigmore

Ryan Tharp

When is your next big show?

Saturday I am playing at Magnolia Motor Lounge. That is always fun.

What’s next?

Oh, I don’t ever presume to know the answer to this.

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