#AMDFW Featured Musician: Summer Dean – Sorry Not Sorry

We had the pleasure of meeting Summer after her Trio’s show at the Truck Yard in Dallas.  If you haven’t been there imagine that a treehouse, honky-tonk, dance-hall and a beer garden had a baby.  It’s a blast and it’s pet friendly.  Back to Summer, this was the second of three shows she performed that day.  Let’s just say she’s a hard working musician.

Summer Dean is a no apologies kind of lady.  Being a daughter from a Texas working ranch I imagine has blessed her with confidence beyond her years.  As she spoke about her upbringing and her family it was easy to see that her family has a hard working culture and that has brought them success in ranching and in business.  Summer brings that mentality to her music.  Working hard and blazing her own path.

Summer characterizes her genre as “Ameri-Tonk”.  Now if you search for “Ameri-Tonk” on the internet you’re only going to find one artist.  I’ll give you two guesses who that is.. but you’re only going to need one.  What does it mean to Summer?  She says; “I am a no apologies old school country musician”.  What makes this more interesting is that Summer is a woman of faith.  Raised in the church it has created dichotomy in her life.  So… she’s “Sorry Not Sorry”.

Take our word for it, you won’t be sorry if you catch up with Summer at one of her full band, or her trio shows.

May 6  – The Lot, Dallas

June 3 – Twilite Lounge, Fort Worth
June 24 – Lefty’s Honky Tonk Revue @ Magnolia Motor Lounge

July 1 – The White Horse, Austin
July 2 – ABGB, Austin

And…every Thursday at Lola’s Saloon in Fort Worth with the Honky Tonk Country Club

#AMDFW Exclusive Take

Enjoy “Bad Romantic – in A with slight return” from Summers upcoming album

Get to know Summer Dean

Summer Dean
Buy My Album … Or Else!

Talk to me about Unladylike, when did you decide to record an EP?

I had met DJ Dugan with Rattle Magazine (Now Shake (http://shakemusiczine.com/)). It was his nudge that encouraged me to play my songs for people. Which then lead to me giving a call to my good amigo, Will Dupuy, in Austin to produce my recordings.

Where was it Unladylike recorded?

In Austin at Joe Beckham’s Birdhouse Studio (https://www.facebook.com/joe.beckham.524)

What was your favorite part of the recording process?

Hearing my songs come alive among amazing musician friends and quality equipment…that was one of the best feelings of my life. Songs are written from a most primitive place, whether they are autobiographical or not, and start out with just bones. It’s thrilling to hear them in their preverbal human form, with all the guts and casings.

Who are the members of the ‘full band’ and the ‘trio’?

I’m fortunate to have the Raised Right Men out of Denton as a band. I feel very lucky to have so many intimidatingly talented friends. DFW is full of great musicians that love to play.

Listening to Unladylike, it sounds very personal.  Can you give us some insight into the song?

Well that song started out as a prayer, a prayer of forgiveness to be specific. I found myself morning after morning, again and again, asking for forgiveness for the same old sins. So, after some reflection and a big dose of artistic license, it became more of a look in the mirror for some women. I’m a Christian, and I think most Christians have strong feelings of conviction at some level. I like to write and sing about them.
As far as the name, I was having a casual conversation with a musician friend of mine and in that conversation, I referred to myself as a lady. He snickered at that sentiment. That sent me down a path lined with vulnerability and visceral mirrors and a concept was born.

Tell us about the writing process.  Do you write all the parts of your songs or do your band members write their own parts?

I love to hear what the musicians play when they hear a tune. They direction they take is usually far better that what I could write for them. They are experts and I trust them.

How do you normally write lyrics?  Is it a process or is it a ‘lightning strikes’ experience?

Ideas for songs come to writers ALL the time, like little breezes hitting your skin. As far as a song, it varies for me. Sometimes most of the song comes like lightening and sometimes I pine on it for who knows how long.

What is your favorite piece of music?

Ya need different music for different things and different times. But, I always like a Buck Owens tune. To be specific, the harmonies and steel guitar parts ‘Together Again’ make me swoon for music.

What song that you’ve written is your “best” and why?

I have no idea, I like my songs in different ways and they are all special. I’ve learned a great deal and I’m looking forward to writing other ones. Maybe one of those will be my “best.”

Whats the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while working on a song or playing a song live?

I’ve had many wardrobe malfunctions, lol.  Now I keep buttons and safety pins in my gig bag.

Name some other great bands or singer songwriters that we should get to know from DFW.

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CAL QUINN – PHOTOGRAPHER AND LIVE SOUND ENGINEER –  with Texas Gentlemen, Paul Cauthen….. https://www.facebook.com/yourpalcalquinn

When is your next “BIG” show?

Every show is “BIG” to me!

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